Moncton Start To Finish Property Management
Moncton Start To Finish Property Management

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Start To Finish provides comprehensive project development consulting. From the point of initial concept, through development, to the point that operations or asset management begin. Acting as project manager Start To Finish has over thirty years experience in the Maritime Provinces. With many types of real estate products including, condominium, co-operative housing, senior’s special care facilities, special need housing and community-based developments.

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Comprehensive project management is essential in today’s complex business environment. For many companies and community groups, retaining (or outsourcing) a project to a specialized project development consultant is a form of risk management and a means to ensure the success of an investment project. Project management is not only about managing the complex development process. It is about making decisions as well. Having an independent experienced consultant on board to assist an owner with the process, mitigating risks, and decision-making is a practical means of implementing projects today.

As a project manager, Start To Finish has the technical skills, practical experience, and viable awareness to ensure that each project receives the careful personal attention it requires. Start To Finish has worked in connection with a varied array of built places. From land development and residential construction to the development of special care housing for seniors and those having special needs.

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Start To Finish provides professional project management services that lead to results

Successful project development demands a free flow of communication with and among project team members, and internal and external project stakeholders. The project team needs frequent information from each of its team members to complete and improve the project. To understand the needs and expectations of the project’s customers. Project communication management involves project communication planning, information distribution, reporting performance and formal project close-out.

Start To Finish’s primary focus is providing the experience and technical expertise to lead and manage your project team in fulfillment of the financial, schedule and program goals for your project. As your project development consultants, with a depth of experience and broad expertise. Start To Finish will proactively identify and control the risks and liabilities inherent in the planning, design, and construction of real estate projects. More specifically:

  • Identifying and acquiring property in strategic locations
  • Conducting site feasibility analysis for economic potential Preparing market survey, preliminary budgets and business plan
  • Maintaining and managing project budgets
  • Identifying and negotiating with consultants who “fit” right
  • Coordinating and overseeing the development process
  • Negotiating with all levels of Government
  • Dealing with deficiency items and warranty issues

Start To Finish understands the importance of execution; and that delivering your project on time, on a budget, and with superior quality are the factors that will determine the success of your project and ensure its long-term viability.

Moncton Start To Finish Property Management