Team Moncton Start To Finish Property Management
team Moncton Start To Finish Property Management

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Comprehensive Property Management is essential in today’s complex business environment. For many companies and community groups, retaining (or outsourcing) a project to a specialized Property Manager consultant is a form of risk management and a means to ensure the success of an investment project. Property management is not only about managing the complex property management process – it is about making decisions as well. Having the Start To Finish team on board to assist directors and owners with the process, mitigating risks, and decision-making is a practical means of protecting your investment.

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Meet The Team

Within the Start To Finish team, our primary focus will be to provide our experience and technical expertise to lead and manage your project in fulfillment of its financial and program goals.

Sandra Agudelo | Property Manager

Sandra is a graduate of Management Administration with over 17 years of experience in customer service, business administration and property management services.
Sandra brings her experience in property management from Ontario, where she looked after over 200 units in 4 properties, overseeing safety, maintenance, administrative and resident and owner relations of the buildings. She brings to Start To Finish her capacity to communicate in English and Spanish as well as her abilities as a problem solver. Her strength is in her continual follow up with the day to day business and her ability to mentor relationships with tenants and owners.

Property Management Moncton
Property Management Moncton

Leighsa Shanks, CPB | Property Accountant

Leighsa brings to Start To Finish, over 25 years of accounting experience in a wide variety of industries. Before making the move to the east coast, she owned the largest bookkeeping firm in northern Alberta, providing exceptional service to over one hundred small business clients. Leighsa, is a prolific learner and has also spent time as a teacher. A member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada since 2012 and a Certified Professional Bookkeeper since 2016, her passion for learning has led her to training in financial planning and management. You can rest assured that Leighsa will look after your financials as if they were her own.


What our clients say

An excellent building management team to work with.

Charline Chiasson